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Drone Dash Delivery

Developer: Techtree IT Systems Private Limited

Welcome to Simple town!This is a place where you are the sole and master drone delivery pilot. You must take to the skies and beat the clock in over 45+ epic, hilarious and addictive missions! Will you please the police arresting criminals, or cooperate with convicts making the perfect getaway? Will you feed zombies or play a vital role in getting rid of them? Great fun for all ages, and this drone simulation is completely FREE! Why waste your drones potential and restrict yourself to only delivering pizza?
Game Features:
★ Easy to learn controls mean you will soon have expert navigation skills and be practicing extreme maneuvers to impress your friends!
★ With quick fire, fast paced tasks to complete within a few seconds, you can play this game for a few minutes or a few hours!
★ 45+ unique, action packed deliveries and drop-offs to choose from in a race against time.
★ Each mission in this flight simulator is unique with crazy, hilarious dialogue and random surprise outcomes to keep you entertained and hooked throughout!
★ Earn lots of cash for racing around the game, using your pro flying skills and awesome jet engine to keep the citizens of Simple town happy.
★ Age appropriate! Not only is this game great for adults, the missions are also age-appropriate, non-violent and based on racing/driving and delivery. Also there are NO in-app purchases unlike most other aircraft sim games, everything is completely FREE, so your credit card wont be taking a hit either!
★ In this distinctive world you must drive and steer around buildings, bridges and statues as you find your way around Simple Towns expansive, stunning environment.
★ The characters, fire engines, construction and ice cream trucks, ambulances and cars are alive and moving in real-time within this 3D city for a unique game play experience every time you fly your drone!
★ If you fancy a change from missions you can explore Simple town by gliding through the air, seeing the sights that includes dazzling beaches, a lively Downtown area, friendly and shady neighbourhoods, beautiful harbours and some hidden areas, too! Have an exciting adventure break from delivering goods!
★ The drone has a cool taxi style skin and simple pick up method for items and parcels.
This is the number one best drone delivery app out there for a wide range of ridiculous, funny and entertaining deliverable objects. Why not surprise yourself by smashing seemingly impossible countdowns for missions and training to be the best hovercraft driver out there in your home town? From helping Larry the Clown prank his friends, to keeping the party alive, to helping Angry Gran find a weapon, there is no end to the variety of things you can do in Simple town!
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